Skipstone Goes Green!!!

We are working hard to help save our planet for future generations!
Skipstone began in 2007 on a summer camp campus that was built in the
early 1950's. Since our beginning, we have been raising capital money and
remodeling one building at a time to make our campus more energy efficient
and "green". Here is the first building we were able to transform...
This is our Chapel building that
houses a large meeting room,
administrative offices and our
elementary classrooms during the
school year. In the summer, this
building is the home of our day
camp program. We believe in
being good stewards of our facility
and we use every space available
for year round programming.

This building was a concrete block
building built in 1953. In the
remodel, we installed all new
energy efficient window and doors,
installed blown insulation and
rolled insulation in all of the new
walls that were constructed. We
covered the interior walls with pine
siding in the foyer and meeting
room and wrapped the entire
building with exterior insulation
and log siding. AC units were
upgraded to help efficiency and
programmable thermostats were
installed in all areas. A new roof,
gutters and downspouts were also
installed. We were amazed at the
savings in electricity and gas as
the amounts were cut in half for
both. Recycling bins are located
throughout this building and we
recycle LOTS of paper each year!
One of our students created a
recycling program for the school
and won awards through her
Children of the American
Revolution Chapter for her
The next building we remodeled houses the high school classrooms during the school
year. As soon as school is over, we move all the school furniture into a storage room and
fill the rooms with bunkbeds to transform these rooms into summer camp cabins for our
summer camp program! Again, it is important for us to be good stewards. This building
was built in 1956 and was in pretty bad shape. It was a concrete block building and the
electric bills were astronomical! We installed all new energy efficient windows and doors,
installed blown insulation in the attic and closed off many holes that caused drafts through
the old building. We wrapped the entire building in insulation and log siding and built a
handicap accessible porch all the way around the building. A new roof, gutters and
downspouts were installed. The HVAC units were not replaced at the time as they were in
reasonable condition but that is a project we will be looking to do in the future. We do
have programmable thermostats throughout the building now as well.
The project that we are currently seeking funding for is
our Dining Hall. The Dining Hall is the hub of activity
for both school and summer camp. It is used every day
by everybody on campus. The Dining Hall building
houses a lunchroom area, a large commercial kitchen,
2 middle school classrooms and a special needs
classroom. The building was built in 1953 along with
the chapel building. It is definitely not an energy
efficient building now but we are hoping to change that
Our goals are to:
~Install new energy efficient windows
~Install new energy efficient doors, threshholds and
weather stripping
~Replace the three very old HVAC units and replace
the duct work throughout the building
~Install blown insulation in the attic
~Wrap the entire exterior with insulation and log siding
~Install gutters and downspouts around the building
~Replace old kitchen equipment with newer, energy
efficient equipment (stove, ovens, dishwasher)
~Replace laundry equipment
~Replace dilapidated flooring

The cost to complete the entire remodel is around
$97,000 and our hope is for the funding to be
available to begin this project Spring 2013.