Namayemba Christian School is an amazing place
full of wonderful children! It  was founded in 2012 by
Pastor Patrick Bwire, who is a graduate of Jinja
Baptist Seminary in Uganda, Africa and his wife
Susan who is a nurse.

Namayemba is a very young school! 84 of the
current 202 students are age 4 and younger. The
school currently has six age groups...Nursery
through Primary five.

The current school property includes one large
mud-brick building constructed with a divider wall
forming two classrooms. Being very resourceful,
Pastor Patrick made 8000 mud bricks and sold 4000
of them in order to pay for the mortar to build the
walls with the remaining bricks. There are also three
other mud huts on the property which are used for a
classroom, the school office and a kitchen where
posho is cooked.

Posho is the staple food of Uganda and is made
from ground-up corn flour mixed with water into a
thick consistency with little nutritional value. The
children at Namayemba typically are fed posho two
times each day.

You can help us make a HUGE difference at
Namayemba School and the entire village at
Namayemba by....

1. Provide monthly support for a child!
A gift of $30 a month will sponsor one of the
students at the school and will cover expenses for
school fees, teacher salaries, uniforms, school
supplies, medical supplies as well as much needed
funds for building additions and property
improvement for the children.
***There are 202 students at Namayemba and there
will only be ONE sponsor per child so your monthly
support for your child is very important!

2. Give a one time gift toward the ongoing work at
the school, church and village at Namayemba.

3. Pray daily for the transformation of the school,
church and village at Namayemba.
Namayemba Christian School
Uganda, Africa
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