To prepare students for the specific lifeplan that God has for them by utilizing
innovative and creative teaching techniques that will motivate, inspire and
challenge students to aspire to make a positive difference in the world around

Skipstone is a school for students who learn best by doing. It is a school
where students spend the majority of their time doing and trying rather than
sitting and listening. All of the classes involve Bible-based curriculum and
lessons are creatively designed to be hands-on and project based.
Teamwork, initiative, innovation and integrity are all important aspects of the
Skipstone Philosophy.
The Skipstone Philosophy
The only way to teach someone to skip a stone is to show him how and allow him to attempt it again and again until the stone hops along the
water in perfect rhythm. He cannot learn to skip stones from just reading a book about it. You cannot just tell him how to do it. You have to show
him how and let him try. Sometimes it takes one try, sometimes two or three tries, then sometimes it takes hours of trying until finally...
the stone skips.
That’s the Skipstone Philosophy...Showing, Trying, Learning, Succeeding