Synergy Studies
Synergy is a school-wide unit study that focuses on subject matter that is interesting and
thought-provoking to the entire student body. Each Synergy study includes 20-24 hours of
instruction & hands-on learning, a challenging project and a applicable field trip to
reinforce the subject matter.

2013-2014 Synergy Topics
"Survivor: Circle of Courage"
***Wilderness Survival Skills
"Amazing America"
***US National Parks & Monuments
"Mind Your Manners"
"In The Beginning"
***Study in Genesis
"Mysteries of History"
***Historical Mysteries
"Be More Pacific"
***South Pacific Islands

2012-2013 Synergy Topics
"Land Down Under" - Australia  
"All God's Creatures" - Zoology Study
"The Renaissance" -  The Renaissance Period (14th-17th Century)
"Feel The Beat" - Music History & Appreciation
"Extra, Extra, Read All About It" - Journalism
"Mythbusters" - Hypothesis, Experiments, Conclusions

2011-2012 Synergy Topics
August 15-September 23
"Call of the Wild" - Africa
September 26-November 18
"Written in the Stars" - Astronomy
November 28-January 13
"Heroes of Faith" - Bible Heroes
January 17-March 2
"Third Rock" - Geology -
March 5-April 13
"A Few Good Men" -Armed Forces
April 16-May 25
"CSI Skipstone" - Forensic Science

2010-2011 Synergy Topics
"Exploring the Amazon" -  The Rainforest
"The North & The South" - Civil War
"It's Greek to Me" - Greece
"Wild Warriors" - Native Americans
"Mission Minded" - Missions Around the World
"Under the Sea" - Ocean Life
"To Read or Not To Read" - Literature
"We The People" - Government
"Nature Happens" - Natural Disasters
"Take Me Out To The Ballgame" - Sports History

2009-2010 Synergy Topics
"Mysteries of History" - Unexplained Phenomenons
"It's A Bug's Life" - Entomology
"The Wild, Wild West" - 19th Century American West
"Can You Hear Me Now?" - Communications
"Around the World in 30 Days" - World Geography
"Lights, Camera, Action" - Movie Production
"Fly Like a Bird" - History of Flight
"The Dragon Empire" - China
"Going Green" - Environmental Issues
"Come To Your Senses" - The Five Senses

2008-2009 Synergy Topics
"To Infinity & Beyond" - Space
"Anatomy 101" - The Body
"Georgia On My Mind" - Georgia Study
"Land of the Pharaohs" - Egypt
"Fly Like a Bird" - Aviation
"When I Grow Up" - Careers
"The Great War" - World War 2
"Wonders of the World" - Natural Wonders
"Planting & Reaping" - Agriculture

2007-2008 Synergy Topics
"Medieval Times" - The Middle Ages
"Water, Water Everywhere" - Oceans of the World
"Amazing Animals" - Zoology
"Give Me Liberty" - American Revolution
"Color Your World" - Art Appreciation"The Sound of Music" - Music Study
The Skipstone Philosophy
The only way to teach someone to skip a stone is to show him how and allow him to attempt it again and again until the stone hops along the
water in perfect rhythm. He cannot learn to skip stones from just reading a book about it. You cannot just tell him how to do it. You have to show
him how and let him try. Sometimes it takes one try, sometimes two or three tries, then sometimes it takes hours of trying until finally...
the stone skips.
That’s the Skipstone Philosophy...Showing, Trying, Learning, Succeeding