The Skipstone Philosophy
The only way to teach someone to skip a stone is to show him how and allow him to attempt it again and again until the stone hops along the
water in perfect rhythm. He cannot learn to skip stones from just reading a book about it. You cannot just tell him how to do it. You have to show
him how and let him try. Sometimes it takes one try, sometimes two or three tries, then sometimes it takes hours of trying until finally...
the stone skips.
That’s the Skipstone Philosophy...Showing, Trying, Learning, Succeeding
The Skipstone Story

The members of the Flint River Baptist Association founded the Flint River Baptist Camp in 1953 and established
the campus on a beautiful 64-acre tract in northern Spalding County. In the summer of 1988, the vision for the
ministry of Skipstone was planted in the hearts of two young people, who discovered their future mates and their
future ministry while working at summer camp at Flint River.

For ten years, that vision grew quietly in the hearts of Chip & Shondi Moody, with only a few family members and
friends aware of what God was preparing them for. In 1998, the doors of opportunity began to open, when Shondi
was asked to serve as the Camp Director for Flint River and Chip was called to serve as Minister of Education at a
local church in Griffin, after both had been serving in full-time student ministry.

Over the next nine years, over 900 children came to know Christ through the ministry of the camp, with countless
others surrendering their lives to missions and ministry. The ministry was vibrant and growing, and as each year
passed, a godly anticipation grew in the hearts of those who were serving. The vision that was birthed in 1988, and
had been growing in the hearts of only a few for so long, blossomed into a vision so significant that others were
drawn to be a part of it.

In 2004, Dr. Kevin Napier and his wife, Alison were introduced to the camp when their children attended for the first
time. God put a love in their hearts for the ministry, and a friendship was born that would become a part of the
foundation for the eventual birth of Skipstone. Dr. Napier got involved in a big way, even playing a character each
summer in the camp’s “themed mysteries”. Others were drawn to be a part, and before long, many could see that
the ministry was quickly outgrowing the model established by the Association in 1953. The “winds of change” were

In the Spring of 2007, nearly nineteen years after the vision was first planted, God opened the door for the birth of
Skipstone. The leadership of the Association began discussing the possibility of selling the camp property. The
Moody’s and the Napier’s knew that the opportunity to see the vision for Skipstone become a reality had finally
come. After six months of negotiations and due diligence, a price of $750,000 was agreed upon for the purchase of
the property.

In September of 2007, while in the final stages of negotiating with the Association, Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-
A, heard about the vision and was compelled to donate $750,000 to Skipstone for the purchase of the property.
This was an amazing gift from God that provided for the purchase of the property debt free on December 31st,

In its first year of ministry in 2008, Skipstone has ministered to more than 4000 children, teenagers, and adults
through its summer camps, weekend retreats, and special events. Skipstone Academy has also provided a private,
Christian education for 170 students, with more than 100 additional students on a waiting list. In addition, the
chapel has been completely renovated, a new high school building has been constructed, and new landscaping
and infrastructure improvements have been made. The amazing journey of faith and vision for Skipstone continues
today as the ministry continues to grow beyond our wildest imagination.  We truly believe that "our God is able to
do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think" (Ephesians 3:20) and we are so excited that He allows
us to be part of His amazing work!