The Skipstone Philosophy
The only way to teach someone to skip a stone is to show him how and allow him to attempt it again and again until the stone hops along the
water in perfect rhythm. He cannot learn to skip stones from just reading a book about it. You cannot just tell him how to do it. You have to show
him how and let him try. Sometimes it takes one try, sometimes two or three tries, then sometimes it takes hours of trying until finally...
the stone skips.
That’s the Skipstone Philosophy...Showing, Trying, Learning, Succeeding
24 hours of extreme
adventure designed to take
your team to new heights
  • Facilitated Team Challenges
  • Rappelling & Zip Lines
  • Low Ropes Challenges
  • GPS Geocaching
  • Unique Lodging & Meals
  • Dynamic Devotions

You Won't Believe The
"Bombs Away"
"Pulled Pork"
"Operation Flying Pig"
"King's Ring"
"Ant's Crossing"
"Challenge Cube"
"Four Way Grinder"
"Key Punch"
"Human Ladder"
"No Pig Left Behind"
...and more!
24 Extreme Team Challenge is a fast
paced 24 hour facilitated team building
adventure. Each 24 ETC is different and
will be orchestrated to accomplish your
goals for your specific group needs.
There are some activities that are almost
always a part of the program. These
include rappelling, zip lines, climbing wall,
geocaching, and several low ropes

Students and adults participate in the
challenges together...there are NO

Please come prepared to get dirty, spend
every ounce of energy that you have (5-6
hours of sleep at best) and experience
"adventure" on a whole new level!
What To Bring
weather appropriate clothing
closed toe shoes or boots
pillow & sleeping bag
one extra change of clothes
water bottle
swimsuit (one piece)
insect repellent / sunscreen
Skipstone’s 24 Extreme Team Challenge is designed for 20 – 30 people. We can accommodate larger or smaller
groups, but we will need advance notice in order to facilitate the best experience for your group. Due to the staffing
requirements, we bill for a minimum of 20 people ($1200). There is also a $200 refundable cleaning and damage
deposit and a non-refundable (but transferable) $150 reservation deposit due with your reservation. We do accept
MasterCard / Visa for your convenience. We will contact you seven days prior to your event for a final count and will
email you a bill for your balance at that time. Please bring a check for the balance when you check in. If you add
additional participants after you have submitted your final number, we will bill you for those after your event.

Please contact Chip Moody 770-227-8966 or to inquire about scheduling a 24 Extreme
Team Challenge for your group.