The Skipstone Philosophy
The only way to teach someone to skip a stone is to show him how and allow him to attempt it again and again until the stone hops along the
water in perfect rhythm. He cannot learn to skip stones from just reading a book about it. You cannot just tell him how to do it. You have to show
him how and let him try. Sometimes it takes one try, sometimes two or three tries, then sometimes it takes hours of trying until finally...
the stone skips.
That’s the Skipstone Philosophy...Showing, Trying, Learning, Succeeding

Option #1
If we cook meals for you...
Lodging & Facility Rental - $20 per night per person
Meals - Breakfast - $7.00 per person
       Lunch - $8.00 per person
       Supper - $9.00 per person

Option #2
If you cook your own meals...
Lodging & Facility Rental - $25 per night per person
(includes rental of our commercial kitchen)

***Swimming (seasonal) is included in the price!

Add on the following activities to your retreat...
*Zipline        $7.00 per person
*The Blob    $10.00 per person
*Waterslide  $10.00 per person
*Rappelling  $14.00 per person

$70.00 per hour (maximum of 58 passengers)
***Based on trip time calculated by and multiply travel time
by four for total hours to be billed.
***Minimum of four hours billed ($280.00)

The air conditioned Chapel will seat 100 in chairs. You can arrange the chairs
any way you like or they can be stacked to create a large, open room.
There is a hanging screen in the front of the chapel by the stage.
Groups are responsible for bringing their own audio/visual equipment.

The Dining Hall is the hub of activity and will seat 150 people at round tables.
Groups bring their own cooks and cook for your group in our commercial kitchen!

We have four cabins on the camp that sleep 20 each (10 bunkbeds in
each cabin).  They are a short walk on a path through the woods and are all
separate cabins with their own bathrooms.

This is the inside of one of the cabins. Our bunkbeds were donated to us
by the 1996 Olympics and are 7 feet long (If you are bringing sheets,
bring dorm-sized sheets or flat sheets to tuck in). Each cabin is heated
and air conditioned and has its own bathroom.

Stocked lake with canoes
Swimming Pool
Low Ropes Course
Rappelling Tower
Four Square
2 Large Playing Fields (1 lighted)
Small Pavillion
Hiking Trails
The Blob! (aquatower in lake)
The Moccasin (waterslide)
Groups with 80 or more campers
will have the entire facility.
Groups of less than 80 campers
should be prepared to share the
facility with other groups.