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Just a few years ago, on a beautiful
mountaintop in Uganda, a small tribe of
children from the Royal School and
Orphanage would spend their days and
nights crying out to God for help. Help to
feed their friends and families. Help for
clothing and clean water. Help for shelter
for sleeping and learning.
They hoped for health and nourishment.
They hoped for a loving embrace for a
mom or a dad. They hoped for a brighter
for themselves and for their friends. Their
hopes and cries for help were expressed
in the cornerstones of Ugandan culture,
singing and dancing. Though their
circumstances were dire at best, they
discovered a well of hope in the rhythms
of their praises to God.
None of the children in that tribe could
have imagined it at that time, but it would
be their singing and dancing that God
would ultimately use to deliver HOPE for
them and for their friends. Today, the
children of the Suubi Tribe have found
forever families in America and continue
to sing, dance and worship to bring hope
and help to more than 5000 of their
friends in Uganda. May the songs of
Suubi bring help and hope to you as well.